Glenview Scottish Country Dancers

Scottish Country Dancing in Toronto since 1979

Glenview Scottish Country Dancers


Updated September 24, 2022

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Glenview Scottish Country Dancers

a social group affiliated with RSCDS - Toronto Association Branch 

In-person dancing resumes on Wednesday, September 14 2022. Proof of vaccination and a mask are required for entry. 





 Scottish country dancing is fun and wonderful exercise for both body and mind. We dance in sets of 6 or 8 and you will soon get to know everybody as we change partners for every dance. Dances are walked through before dancing with the music. It is not necessary to come with a partner or to wear a kilt but it is advisable to come with a pair of soft shoesDancers of all abilities are welcome. 



 for any information contact Valerie Fisher - 




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