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FAQ (frequently asked questions)


- Frequently Asked Questions -

DancersDo I need a partner?

No! We welcome couples and singles alike. It is customary to change dance partners frequently throughout the evening. We consider that to be more sociable, and you will learn faster as you have an opportunity to dance with other, possibly more experienced, dancers. So bring your spouse, bring a friend, or come on your own.

Do I need those funny shoes?

No again! Just bring a pair of comfortable, low-heeled and soft-soled shoes with rubber soles so that you won't slip. A pair of light running shoes would be perfect. By the way, we call those funny shoes ghillies. They are worn by both men and women, although many of the women wear "pumps" (like ballet slippers, but with either a full sole or a short sole with a pleated toe). Some dancers (men and women) wear a soft jazz shoe for a little more support. If you decide to stay with the dancing and want to invest in a pair of dance shoes, we will help you decide what is best for you and provide information about where you can purchase them.

What should I wear?

Some men wear the kilt to class. They find it comfortable to dance in, and enjoy any occasion to wear it and show off their legs! However, many men wear comfortable slacks, and that is what we suggest for you. The women are most comfortable in a full skirt (you will need room to move) or again, some women wear light slacks. Make sure they are not too long!

Do I need previous dance experience?

Absolutely not! Obviously, with previous dance experience you may catch on more quickly and be doing more advanced dances sooner. But all you really need is a love of the music, and to enjoy moving to music with others. Our teachers are trained to help you learn, and the other dancers will help you too. Our dancing appeals to people from many walks of life because of the music, the energy, the patterns, and the sociability - the opportunity to interact with our partners and with the 4 to 8 other people in the set while we dance... Why don't you come along and give it a try...


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