Glenview Scottish Country Dancers

Scottish Country Dancing in Toronto since 1979



 Join us for a night of dancing to the lovely music of Fred Moyes 

Wednesday May 15, 2019 at 7:30 pm

$15 at the door

Refreshments and food follow dancing

PDF Dance Cribs 

Program is subject to change. Dance titles in blue are links to videos.


PELORUS JACK  (J8x32)  3C (4C set)                                                          B Skelton  RSCDS Bk 41

 1- 8      1s cross RH & cast 1 place, dance RH across with 3s & 1s end with Man facing his 1st corner with his partner behind him

 9-16     1s dance Alternating Tandem 1/2 reel of 3 with 1st corners, 1s dance Alternating Tandem 1/2 reel with 2nd corners

17-24    1s dance Alternating Tandem 1/2 reels of 3 with Ladies 1st corner (pstn),1s dance Alternating Tandem 1/2 reel with Ladies 2nd corner (pstn)

25-32    1M followed by partner dance into LH across with 2s, 1s retain LH & 1/2 turn to own sides & 2s+1s+3s set


BOHEMIAN REFLECTIONS (R8x32)  3C(4C set)                                           Holger Schucklet Book 51

1-8        1s lead down, cross below 3s and cast up to 2nd place opposite sides (2s set up on the 3 and 4). 1s turn 1 ¼ LH to end in the middle facing own side

9-16      1M and 2s also 1L and 3s dance RH across, 1s pass RSh to dance LH across with other couple. 1s end in 2nd place opposite sides

17-24    2s and 1s dance Ladies’ Chain. 1s end in 2nd place opposite sides, 1M facing out.

25-32    1M followed by 1L, casts behind 3L, 1M dances up behind 3M to 2nd place own side while 1L dances up middle, pulls back RSh to dance into place. 2s, 1s, and 3s set


“DEER” FRIENDS  (S8x32) 3C(4C set)                                              Bob Anderson St Martin Collection

1-8        1s cross down RH, cast behind 3s, cross RH, cast up 1 place, turn ¾ LH to join RH with 3rd corners in a diagonal line.

9-12      Balance in line figure:

            9 All set 1 step right, change hands so that 1s and 3rd corners take LH

            10 1s and 3rd corners ½ turn LH, retain LH and 1s join RH in middle of line

            11 All set 1 step R, 1s join LH & drop hands with corners

            12 1s ½ turn LH to face 3rd corners while corners set 1 step left turning to face diagonally in

13-16    1s dance ½ diagonal reel of 4 with 3rd corners, finish facing 4th corners

17-24    Repeat bars 9-16 with 4th corners, 1s crossing LH to finish 2nd place opposite sides, end (3)(1)(2)

24-32    Set and link of 3 couples twice to finish 213 on own sides


MILLTIMBER JIG  (J8x32)  2C (4C set)                                                       A MacKenzie  RSCDS Bk 41

 1- 8      1L+2M set & change places RH while 1M+2L change places RH & set, 1s+2s repeat back to places

 9-16     1s+2M dance reel of 3 across (2M+1L pass RSh to start)

17-24    1s+2L dance reel of 3 across (2L+1M pass LSh to start)

25-32    1L+2M change places RH, 1L+1M change places RH on side, 1L+2L change places RH & 2s cross RH


FAREWELL TO BALFOUR ROAD (J5x32) 5C(5C set)                                  A Buxton RSCDS Book 52

1-8        1s and 2s circle 4H round and back

9-16      1s and 2s set and link; 1s and 3s set and link

17-24    2s start while 1s 4s and 5s dance mirror reels of 3 on the sides (1s in and down to start)

25-32    1s set, cross down RH to 4th place (4s step up); 1s set, cross down LH to 5th place (5s step up) finish 2 3 4 5 1




NEW ASHLUDIE RANT  (J8x32)  3C (4C set)                                                          Douglas Henderson

 1- 8      1s+2s+3s set & 1s cross RH, 1s change places LH with 2s on the side & 2s+1s+3s set

 9-16     1s dance Petronella turn & set, 1.1/2 turn partner LH to face 1st corners

17-24    1s dance LSh reels of 3 across (Lady with 2s & Man with 3s)

25-32    1s dance reels of 3 on opposite sides giving RSh to 2nd corner & cross RH


BONNIE STRONSHIRAY  (S8x32)  3C (4C set)                                     R Campbell  Glasgow Assembly

 1- 8      1s+2s 3/4 turn 2H to form line up/down centre & dance 1/2 reel of 4, 3/4 turn partners 2H to own sides (having changed places)

 9-16     1s set adv to ptnr & turn 1st corner 2H ending 1L between 2s & 1M between 3s, 1s set adv to partner &  turn 2nd crnr 2H ending 2nd place opp sides

17-24    2s+1s+3s cross RH & 1s cast to right round 3rd corner (pstns) while corners turn right about & Adv+Ret (on diagonal), 2s+1s+3s cross RH (up/down set), 1s cast to right round 4th corner (pstns) & in to face them as 2s+3s turn right about & Adv+Ret

25-32    1s dance 1/2 RSh reel of 4 with 4th corner (pstns), pass LSh & dance 1/2 reel with 3rd corner (pstns) & turn RH back to place


A TRIP TO THE DRAKENSBURG (J8 x 40) 3C(4C set)       Barbara J Rendle-Braime RSCDS Book 38

1-8        1s set, cast 2 places and dance up to top (end with 2s stepping in below 1s)

9-16      1s and 2s dance Poussette (end with 1s facing 1st corners)

17-24    1s dance ½ diagonal reel of 4 with 1st corners, pass LSh and dance ½ reel with 2nd corners (1s end 2nd place opposite side)

25-32    3M+1M+2M petronella turn into centre and set while 3L+1L+2L set and petronella turn into centre, all turn partners RH (end in Allemande hold)

33-40    3s+1s+2s dance the Allemande


MISS ELEANOR  (S3x32) 3C                                                                               Ann Dix  RSCDS Bk 49

 1- 8      1s+2s+3s dance Mirror (Reflection) reels of 3 on sides (1s in/down to start)

 9-16     1s set, cast (2s step up) & turn RH.  1L casts to 3rd place, 1M casts up to 1st place (2M steps down & 3L steps up)

17-24    All dance 3 couple Bourrel:-

            17-20     1M+3L also 2M+1L set advcg & 3/4 turn 2H to line up/down middle then pull back RSh turning to face own prtnrs as 3M & 2L chase anticl’wise to face them

            21-24     All set & turn 2H to own sides.  3 1 2

25-32    3s+1s+2s circle 6H round & back


THE HIGHLAND RAMBLER  (R8x40)  3C (4C set)                           Roy Goldring  Leeds Silver Jubilee

 1- 8      1s dance in & cast to 2nd place, dance RH across with 3s

 9-16     2s+1s dance LH across, 1L followed by partner cast up round 2L & dance down middle to 1L between 3s & 1M between 2s

17-24    1s+2s+3s dance down the middle & back

25-32    1M followed by partner cast down round 2L to 2nd places on own side & turn RH

33-40    2s+1s+3s circle 6H round & back